Beer Spotlight – Pale Ale, Big Drop Brewing CO

A old friend of mine came to stay a just before Christmas and when he arrived he was carrying a large bag of Big Drop beers with him. He happily explained to us that he had come from his work Christmas party and the beers were his secret Santa present.

When he came to leave he had quite a journey ahead of him with a lot of luggage and so he lamented that he may have to leave the beers with us. Great I thought; more beer for me over Christmas….

Imagine my horror when I discovered the beers were in fact low alcohol. Not more than 0.5% ABV (my friend apparently didn’t know). Well it’s now January and the prospect of a low ABV beer dosn’t seem so bad. Having made my choice, from the bag, of the Pale Ale I have to say the beer exceeded my expectations. Big Drops Pale Ale really sets the standard for Low ABV beers and certainly hits the spot when you fancy a brew with out the alcohol.

Big drop Brewery was founded in 2016 by Rob Fink who had noticed a gap in the market for well made, full flavoured, low ABV/no alcohol beers. Since then the brewery has gone on to stock a range of distributers and markets with its Pale Ale winning gold at the world beer awards in 2017.

So how is the Pale Ale. Well I found served cold it was really refreshing. According to Big Drop’s website the beer is dry hopped. With which hop? I don’t know, but it certainly packs a citrus punch with a nice bitterness on the back end. Had I been served this in a blind taste test i’m not sure I would have guessed this was low alcohol.

Big Drop’s Pale Ale has certainly changed my mind on ordering low ABV beers. If you fancy a beer but can’t or don’t want to have the units then it’s a fantastic choice.