Beer Spotlight – Fabal English Lager, Fabal Beers

After a bit of a hiatus for the beer spotlight it’s back with a look at the newly launched Fabal Lager from Fabal Beers. Fabal beers is a new venture from the people behind Hiver beers, the well known honey beer brewery based in Bermondsey.

Fabal, which launched in February 2020, is a lager brewed using all english ingredients and packaging. This ties in the the overaching aim of Fabal Beers to produce ‘Slow Food’ products; meaning it passes this global movement’s criteria for being ‘good, clean and fair.’

What makes Fabal somewhat unique in the UK beer market is it’s use of pressed barley to give it its crisp and dry character. Why use Pressed barley? Hannah Rhodes, founder of Hiver and Fabal beers answers. “When we were looking at alternative profiles in lager, we were always interested in the way rice gave this type of beer a dry character.  However, it was important to me that anything we produce showcases the best UK ingredients and so the challenge was on to create a delicate lager with only English ingredients, so we explored native ingredients like pressed barley that gave the same effect.”

So how is the beer? At 4% ABV it represents a nice easy drinking lager. Fabal has a delicate apple blossom nose, with a grainy malt body, followed by a clean and refreshing dry finish. I could see my self easily enjoying several pints at a bar alongside a salty snack or in a restaurant with seafood or perhaps a lobster.

Fabal is one to look out for then! If you’re desperate to try it for yourself and want to treat yourself to a hearty meal, Fabal is currently listed at The Dorchester Hotel as the house lager in their recently reopened main restaurant, The Grill.