Beer Spotlight – Pogo, Wild Beer Co

Next in the beer spotlight we have Pogo by the Wild Beer Co. The Wild Beer Co was founded in 2012 by Brett and Andrew two guys with a background in food and a passion for beer. The brewery has since become know for it’s unorthodox fermentations; as you might have guest from the name, ‘Wild Beer Co’ likes to uses wild and unusual yeast strain during fermentation (going so far as to have their own house strain they isolated from a local cider orchard). This has lead to them producing a huge array of different flavours and has obviously served them well as they pan to move into a bigger site.

Onto Pogo. The beer was bought for me by my girlfriend and I am please to say it passed her ‘non beer drinkers test.’ On the front of the can the beer boasts flavours of passion fruit, Orange and Guava with a small blurb on the side informing you that it is “inspired by a childhood drink growing up in Hawaii.”

Pogo is certainly a fruity beer but not overly sweet. It is balanced well with the bitterness of the southern hemisphere hops and comes together nicely to form a really refreshing drink. The boasted fruit flavours come from the use of real fruit in the brew and a boosted sweetness is achieved from the addition of lactose.

I drank this beer on really hot summers day and it certainly suited the weather. A pleaseing light straw colour with an ABV of 4.1%. Served chilled this beer really hit the spot after a long day baking in the sun.

Even if you’re not into less traditional flavours in your beers I would urge you to give Pogo a go. I would go so far as to say it is one of the nicest beers I have drank recently and a fantastically refreshing pale ale for you to seek out during the hot summer months.