Beer Spotlight – Macavity, Red Cat Brewing

I Picked up Macavity whilst over in Winchester. Upon reading the bottle label and was boldly informed that ‘this beer is the antidote to big, hoppy IPAs.’ Not being the biggest fan of mega hoppy IPAs I thought I better give this beer a shot.

Macavity is brewed by Red Cat Brewing (founded in 2013, started brewing in 2014), based in Winchester.  The beer is an 5.3% old ale with a deep mahogany colour. The malt is front an centre in this beer so if you like your malty full bodied beers this would be the one for you.

I had this beer whilst tucking into a Sunday roast beef. What a great combo, the beer itself has a rich malty-sweet character that complements the meat and gravy really well. Add to that parsnips and carrots cooked in honey and you have a winning combination.

Ultimately this beer was a real treat; with it’s unflinching presentation of malt character coming from it’s speciality roasted malts it is the perfect Sunday evening indulgence.