Beer Spotlight – Juicebox

Juicebox is, as the can puts it, a citrus IPA brewed and canned in London (in Bermondsey to be exact) by Fourpure brewery.

As with a lot of Fourpure beers the can design itself is something of a work of art. Decorated in fantastic decals showing hops and citrus fruits fused together, it really draws you in begging you to drink it.

It is good news then that the beer inside is excellent. At 5.9% and boasting 56 IBUs this beer is on the stronger side of both flavour and ABV. One for the hop heads it packs a real citrus hit with a nice dry finish. Brewed with ‘heaps of extremely aromatic hops’ and according to the ingredients ‘citrus fruits’ it gives a really nice aroma and plenty of tropical fruit flavours.

Juicebox definitely suits a lower temperature when served making this a excellent choice for a nice refreshing summer ale. Certainly a beer to keep an eye out for when you are out and about especially if you are into heavy hopped IPAs.

Check back again soon for another beer spotlight.