Beer Spotlight – Flight Suit

The first beer to be featured in the spotlight (out of hopefully many) is ‘Flight Suit’ Orange Pale Ale by DE14.

DE14 is owned by and housed inside Marston’s brewery in Burton-Upon-Trent taking it’s name from the local postcode. According to Marston’s the kit is used to brew experimental brews in short 600 pint runs; when it’s gone it’s gone!

I was lucky then to pick up a can of Flight Suit at Craft Beer Rising. After being given a taster at the DE14 stand I was told that there was no orange used in the brew and that all the orange notes came from the Mandarina Bavaria dry hops. I could not believe the amount of orange flavour coming through and had to take a can home to share with my DAD! If it is true that there is no orange zest or peel etc(a quick search of Untapped tells me otherwise) in the brew then the marmalade hit is a truly impressive feat.

The beer comes in at 5.1% ABV with 35 IBUs. Brewed with 5 different hop varieties, Flight Suit has a nice refreshing finish. Not overly hopped, I think it would go down well in the warmer weather (I was drinking it as it was snowing outside).

Not a beer I would have rushed to try had I seen it on the bar but what a pleasant surprise. Flight Suit is one of the more noteworthy beers I have tried recently and I look forward to trying a few more brews from Marston’s nano brew kit.

Check back again soon for more beers featured in the ‘Beer Spotlight’